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Standard duties include making tow, transferring rigging, laying rigging, handling lines, shifting barges, dropping or picking up barges, checking the tow, moving and operating portable pumps, assisting in making locks and/or bridges, assisting in mid-stream transfers, routine housekeeping duties and general maintenance. You are required to catch a line on deck fittings, work lines at locks, cast lines free when getting underway. You should handle lines to moor vessel to the dock, facility, and/or another vessel.

Key Qualifications

Required to demonstrate physical demand requirements during initial pre-employment physical and any future physicals while employed. Work up to 15 hours in a 24-hour period, or more than 36 hours in a 72-hour period, except in an emergency situation. Perform any other additional duties that may be required or assigned by the Captain or Pilot on watch.


Responsible to maintain a USCG endorsement of Tankerman-PIC (Barge-DL) and a TWIC card. Primarily accountable for his/her own health, safety, and cleanliness. Demonstrate knowledge of all company policies and procedures. Maintain a professional attitude during all operations.
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